About Kraker Studio

Kraker Studio primarily emphasizes the development of cross-platform games. Our focus lies in crafting marketable games with meticulous planning and a clear vision. We firmly believe that the future of gaming revolves around cross-platform accessibility, primarily targeting PC and console audiences.

At Kraker Studio, our mission is to craft top-tier, lucrative, captivating, and easily accessible games that span multiple platforms. 

Fueling our passion for gaming, we’ve turned our love for playing into a commitment to game development. Our expertise lies in constructing intricate puzzles, crafting immersive worlds, weaving compelling narratives, and, of course, introducing a touch of mischief!

With an ever-expanding and diverse game portfolio, our ultimate goal is to deliver the most enthralling and distinctive entertainment experiences globally.

We love interesting ideas, collaborations and new friends.
If you have something interesting to say,
please share it with us.
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